Cryptocurrency & Trading Platforms

The bitcoin sector has boomed in the previous decade or so. With news of Bitcoin becoming more widespread, you...
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Best Sites to Buy Gold and Silver

Gold, silver, and platinum are attractive investment options for individuals seeking to acquire a solid investment with long-term potential....
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Crypto Wallet Services Comparison

We have talked about the importance of digital Bitcoin wallets in several recent articles about cryptocurrencies (such as Bitcoin)....
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After announcing plans to include DeFi in Bitcoin, the price of Stacks (STX) surges 195%

Upon enabling DeFi and NFTs on the Bitcoin network through smart contracts, STX’s price surged 195%. With its smart...
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ETH (Ethereum) Hard Fork in December 2021 – Difficulty Bomb Delayed, Meaning?

Additionally: The proof-of-stake scaling platform of Polygon is moving closer to implementing EIP 1559-style fee markets. The Arrow Glacier hard fork...
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Hot 7 Cryptocurrencies to Track on CoinGecko in January 2022

In the crypto world, there could be some major changes taking place as the new year approaches. The turn of the...
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Bitcoins (BTC) Quantity – To Exceed 21 Million?

1.Hard market cap: what is it? The hard cap is a parameter that crypto analytics websites and the project’s community pay...
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Where to Buy Bitcoin – Start With Coinbase – Exchange Review for Beginners

Coinbase is one of the most popular bitcoin exchanges, partly because first-time buyers are able to purchase bitcoins using PayPal, debit...
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Why to Invest in Stacks (STX) – All Explained

With the Stacks (STX) protocol, Bitcoin gains a programmable layer. Without altering any of the core code, this second layer extends...
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