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In the crypto world, there could be some major changes taking place as the new year approaches. The turn of the year has historically had a significant impact on digital currency prices, even if it is not an established rule. The same is expected to happen again as we move from 2021 into 2022.

Investors and traders from around the world are trying to predict which coins may rise to the top first. They are also trying to predict which coin will surge the highest, or who may benefit from investing in specific coins now when the market is experiencing a correction. Based on the current market trends, the history of the market, and other aspects, this list emerged.

1) BTC (Bitcoin)

Obviously, Bitcoin is at the top of the list since it needs no introduction, and in January 2022 it will certainly be a coin to watch. Bitcoin is the crypto world’s biggest and oldest cryptocurrency. It is also the most dominant one, and is the market leader pretty much every time there is significant market activity.

Early in November, the coin’s price soared to almost $70,000. In the meantime, its value has fallen steadily until it reached a support level at $48,000. Bitcoin has been near this level for over a week now, with relatively little fluctuation. Despite this, this never lasts for long, which is why the entire crypto industry is waiting to see what the coin does next. In light of the fact that the crypto market is still considered bullish despite the recent correction, it is extremely likely that BTC will skyrocket in the final weeks of December or in early January 2022.

2) SURE (inSure DeFi)

InSure DeFi is next. Since early 2020, this coin has been around, but its price has been dropping since then. Some now believe that the reason for this is that this project emerged too early to be properly appreciated. Not only did it appear before DeFi sector exploded, it did so before DeFi insurance was even a popular concept.

The project claims to be the first insurance ecosystem with staking power in the world, and its goal is to protect investors from scams, theft, and major devaluations of their portfolios. In other words, it wishes to encourage engagement with crypto by reducing the risks as much as possible, while leaving the potential reward intact. All that users need to do in order to provide insurance to their portfolio is to buy SURE tokens and apply for insurance. The insurance is then enabled one week after SURE tokens enter the user’s private wallet.

Crypto insurance, especially the decentralized kind, has been gaining major popularity as of late, and it is becoming a very popular topic. As a result, we believe that this token should be kept under close watch in 2022, which might be the year when protecting your portfolio becomes a new major trend.

3) IOEN (Internet of Energy Network)

In early 2021, Elon Musk and Tesla announced that they would begin accepting Bitcoin payments, causing Bitcoin’s price to surge. In a few months, however, Musk announced that Tesla had decided to revoke the decision, citing Bitcoin’s heavy carbon footprint.

Since then, the focus on clean energy in crypto got more attention than ever, and projects like the Internet of Energy Network (IOEN) were born. This is a project that intends to use blockchain in order to enable homes around the world to act together as an intelligent, cooperative electricity system. It plans to create scalable mini-grids that will allow the use of renewable energy within a small network.

The idea is quite interesting, and so far, it seems like there is great potential in pursuing it. The entire world is focusing more and more on clean energy, and the crypto industry itself will not be left behind, which is why we expect this project to gain major attention next year.

4) MANA (Decentraland)

In recent months, the next huge crypto trend – the metaverse – has attracted massive attention. Metaverse-related projects have been attracting a lot of attention, even before Facebook rebranded and re-emerged as Meta – and especially after. These projects have the potential to change the way people communicate online.

With humanity increasingly moving towards a more digital future, many believe that metaverse will be the very foundation of the next stage of the internet, where it will be possible to buy digital land and do pretty much whatever one can think of — from starting a business to playing more immersive games, displaying art, setting up digital collectibles galleries, and more — the metaverse is undoubtedly what 2022 will focus the most.

With that said, it makes sense that one of the oldest metaverse projects — Decentraland (MANA) will take the lead in this sector, as it already allows users to buy digital plots of land and experiment with different possibilities within its ecosystem. Of course, being one of the first in the sector, Decentralang had to advance through trial and error, and even though it already made massive progress — there is still a lot of work to be done.

But, now that the focus will be on it — and projects like it — we expect that keeping an eye on its token MANA definitely makes sense in 2022.

5) AXS (Axie Infinity)

Among the many industries that metaverse has the potential to impact, gaming should definitely be recognized as one of them, and may even be the first. There are many examples of this, such as Axie Infinity (AXS), which is one of the biggest and most popular metaverse games today.

Axie Infinity combines all major trends, such as DeFi, NFTs, and the metaverse itself, to offer a new type of blockchain-based game. The game, partially inspired by Pokemon, allows users to buy and sell monsters called Axies, upgrade them, trade them, or use them for battles with other players.

Each monster, as well as most in-game items, come in the form of NFTs, allowing players to upgrade them and then sell them at a higher price and make a profit. Similar games have emerged all over the NFT market, but Axie Infinity is the leading project in this regard, currently occupying 27th place on the list of largest coins by market cap.

6) (ADA) Cardano

While we are taking a momentary break from the current trends, it is also worth keeping an eye on and potentially investing in Cardano in January 2022. The coin has existed for years, and for the most part, it has kept a low profile, never chasing major price changes or market trends, but always working in the background.

However, that all changed with the launch of its smart contracts, which finally allowed it to become a major development platform that it was always meant to be. Since the launch of smart contracts, Cardano started seeing a surge of dApps, DeFi protocols, NFT projects, DEXes, and more, and development has never been higher. It allowed it to skyrocket and hit a new ATH only a few months ago, and its market cap brought it to the position of the third-largest crypto for a while. At the time of writing, ADA is the 6th largest coin, but with all of its new use cases, Cardano is likely to keep attracting attention and use any upcoming rally to launch itself back up.

7) BNB (Binance Coin)

The third-largest cryptocurrency is Binance Coin, which is currently ranked third on the market. Based on BNB, the world’s most popular centralized crypto exchange by volume, Binance’s ecosystem includes two blockchains, multiple subsidiary exchanges, a launchpad, and much more.

The token skyrocketed earlier this year from around $37 to an all-time high of $690. After that, it saw corrections and recoveries over and over again, as the bulls and the bears kept switching, which left it at its current price of $566. However, if a new rally starts in weeks to come, BNB is likely to shoot for the stars once again, and potentially even hit a new ATH. It is rich with use cases, it is neither a scam nor a security, and it offers great potential for earning, which is why we also view it as one of the coins that should be kept under close watch in January 2022.


That concludes the list. Remember that this is not a definitive list and that there are many other coins with great investment potential in 2022. Given the opportunity, any of these coins or tokens can rise dramatically, so definitely keep an eye on them all. If there is believe some other crypto has the same potential, definitely keep a close eye on it as well.

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